Through-Wall System

4-Door Unit

Pharmacy Side:
The “Through The Wall System” is designed to allow for secure, quick and easy access to patient’s medication without having to enter the patients room. It is pharmacy, nurse, and patient friendly. On the hallway side of the patient’s room all medications can be accessed and filled in one trip through a coded digital key pad. Once accessed simply switch out patient bins. The system speeds the delivery of patient medications directly to the room and under complete control of the pharmacy until administered directly to the patient. Chain of ownership is maintained by the pharmacy right up to the time the patient needs them while at the same time never more than a few feet away from the patient and nurse.

Patient Side:
Medication is secure but accessible in seconds. Each patient in the room is assigned a location in the Through-Wall or in the case of a private room different medications can be stored in different locations. The nurse accesses the system through his or her unique access code using the digital keypad on the patient side of the room.The medication remains secure until such time the nurse administers it to his or her patient. The system allows immediate access to the patients individual medications. Stocking and maintaining patient medication stays in the purview of thepharmacy giving the nurse more time with the patient insuring a greater and more personal level of care.

Item#: AR-TWU4