Anesthesia Cart Aluminum

Available in Standard, Intermediate, Compact and Mini heights 

  • Key Lock – standard lock system features a core removable lock (can have all carts keyed the same)
  • Quick Access Lock – Unique break-a-way locking handle offers the security you require and ensures quick access ock – Automatically secures a motionless unlocked medication cart with a user-defined relock time delay. Permits user codes to further enhance cart access tracking and security.
  • Keyless Access with Auto-Relock – Keyless access with user programmed auto-relock, up to 250 unique users and supervisors, programmable via keypad or PC, optional software provides platform for security via proximity badge / card, and ability to audit and manage via a PC


  • drawers of 3″, 6″, and 10″
  • accessory Bridge (shelves, tilt-bins, tape dispenser)
  • external waste container, sharps bracket, tri-glove box holder, trays / dividers, and slide out shelf/ work surface

Splash of Color & Labels

  • available color palette includes: Marine Blue, Evergreen, Bright Red, Dark Brown, Bright Yellow, Warm White
  • available drawer ID labels include: Emergency, Anesthesia, Med/Surg, Treatment, Isolation, and Procedure

Additional Features, Options, Accessories, and Benefits.

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item #: Ai10MC

pictured (Ai10MC Standard Height Anesthesia Cart Aluminum)