Power Lift II

Dual & Single Column System

Safe air-operated system featuring an internal, rechargeable 12V battery. A heavy cast aluminum base provides stability at maximum and minimum capacity. The 2-column lift system holds a total of 20,000 cc irrigation containers (two 5,000 cc bags per column) and the battery operation eliminates hazardous electric cords on the floor. The Power Lifter II is easy to operate: Depress the “UP” foot pedal to raise 5,000 cc per hook (total 40lbs) to a height of 9′. Depress the “DOWN” foot pedal to smoothly lower solution containers, making changeovers a snap.

Item#: AR-74-1314 (Power Lift I)
Price: $2,370.00

Item#: AR-74-1315 (Power Lift II)
Price: $3,130.00