“Medical Cart” Definition – Define What You Do

Project: Medical Cart Definition – Define What You Do

What: Define What You Do – After eight years in medical carts around 2011 American River Medical President, Tagg Neal, heard a motivational speech which said, “Define What You Do.” He had dedicated nearly a decade of his career to medical carts and asked the question, “What is the definition of a medical cart?” After research he found it had not yet been defined – a definition did not exist. He performed a process to define the word phrase “Medical Cart” which was used dozens of times a day in his life. After distillation and refinement he posted his proposed definition on this website in 2011 and it has been American River Medical’s working definition ever since:

Medical Cart – noun, /med-i-kul – ‘kart/; “Mobile systems, solutions, or workstations that optimize the storage, mobilization, and access of healthcare equipment, supplies, medication, and electronic data.” -American River Medical, LLC

Who: American River Medical is a innovation, design and service company focused on medical cart systems for healthcare. We welcome the opportunity for potential project collaboration

Why: Our mission is to provide medical cart systems, services, and solutions that make healthcare professionals’ calling more meaningful, efficient and effective

Example: The hospital utilizes various “Medical carts” to optimize the storage, mobility, and access of medical equipment, supplies, medication, and electronic data for their staff’s practice of healthcare

Problem: A definition does not currently exist for the highly used and common healthcare word phrase, “Medical cart

Current Market Climate: word phrase is accepted and highly used throughout the industry as a “Catch all” for many types, applications and variations of medical carts

Question: Would global dictionary juggernaut Merriam-Webster (founded 1828) accept our definition of the word phrase “Medical Cart” for their online dictionary publication?

Carts of Consideration:

All – healthcare related carts; mobile computing carts, workstations, Wow’s, other carts with integrated IT peripherals, medication carts, OEM carts, other carts with high power demands and/or mobile path of travel, code blue crash, anesthesia, supply, tele-medicine, specialty, custom, case, exchange, surgical, and others (see here for a thorough listing of medical cart applications)


Primary – establish an accepted, published, working definition for the industry of the word phrase, “Medical Cart”

Secondary – American River Medical have their submitted definition of “Medical Cart” accepted and published by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Research: Learn the process for dictionary word submission and acceptance as well as potential applicable intellectual property

Potential metrics of project success: 

  • Merriam-Webster publication in “The Open Dictionary”
  • Merriam-Webster publication in “Online Dictionary”
  • trademark, copyright, or other IP development

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