Medical Cart Membership Club

Project: Medical Cart Membership Club

Medical Cart – noun, /med-i-kul – ‘kart/; “Mobile systems, solutions, or workstations that optimize the storage, mobilization, and access of healthcare equipment, supplies, medication, and electronic data.” -American River Medical, LLC

What: Develop a cloud based membership database for healthcare professionals to provide them various tiered access to e-platforms, online content, and exclusive medical cart offerings

Who: American River Medical is a innovation, design and service company focused on medical cart and storage systems for healthcare. We welcome the opportunity for potential project collaboration

Why: Our mission is to provide medical cart systems, services, and solutions that make healthcare professionals’ calling more meaningful, efficient and effective

Example: healthcare procurement professionals are able to access medical cart e-commerce platforms by creating a free membership / user account. Additional fee memberships will be available for added services, superior discounts, and exclusive access

Problem: Access to medical carts is limited by manufacturer, GPO, non-product expert distributors, or a combination thereof

Solution: membership services are everywhere and evolving to become targeted by the products and services they offer rather than by the demographics or population they serve. A specific medical cart membership database would allow for the development of marketplaces focused exclusively on medical cart systems and solutions

Current Market Climate: “Storage” is the nearest specificity to “Medical Cart” segmentation. In healthcare “Storage” is an ambiguous specialty as it basically means potential specification in everything. GPO’s have their own membership database and marketplace. Manufacturers have their own account portals and user marketplace. Distributors have their own as well. But none offer exclusive membership and product segment (medical carts) with non-exclusive brand and manufacturing offerings.

Question: Would healthcare workers value, embrace and utilize a membership based network / marketplace solely focused on all things medical carts?

Carts of Consideration:

All – healthcare related carts; mobile computing carts, workstations, Wow’s, other carts with integrated IT peripherals, medication carts, OEM carts, other carts with high power demands and/or mobile path of travel, code blue crash, anesthesia, supply, tele-medicine, specialty, custom, case, exchange, surgical, and others (see here for a thorough listing of medical cart applications)


Primary – Solicit potential member feedback on medical cart membership club

Secondary – based on above, Identify and communicate the value proposition for active membership status

Tertiary – Develop a “Community” of diverse healthcare members dedicated to medical cart solutions (physicians, nursing, manufacturer/Supplier, Procurement, risk management, Healthcare staff (multi-department), Reps, service techs, …)

Research: identify product specific, exclusive communities / membership with nonexclusive brand and manufacturer offerings in and out of healthcare

Potential metrics of project success: 

  • develop active medical cart membership club with exclusive benefits
  • medical cart marketplace develops or evolves for or from community
  • Level playing field for smaller hospitals to leverage entire collective community for improved access to medical cart services, products, content, and exclusive offers
  • revenue streams (membership, priority listing offerings, advertising content, aggregated user data licensing…)
  • Efficient access to medical cart services, products, content, and exclusive offers
  • trademark, copyright, or other IP development

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