Evidence Locker

by American River Medical

Protect the complete integrity of evidence and personal property in your Emergency Department. The AR-EL-10 provides a hospital grade secure, traceable, quality assurance policy for storing personal property and evidence (forensic, specimen, or controlled). Enables your hospital sta and law enforcement or other authority to access, retrieve, and log evidence and property. The American River Medical Evidence Locker is a proven, professional, and turnkey solution for any hospital or trauma-ready facility.

  • Protect Evidence Integrity
  • Increase Trauma Readiness Credibility
  • Maximize Quality of Patient Care
  • Clear Chain of Custody; Evidence and Personal Property
  • Badge Credentialing Ready
  • Risk Abatement; Auto-locking, Self-Closing
  • Policy and Procedure Template available
  • Service options for software and database support
  • Proximity (touch-less), Mag-Stripe, or Keypad access
  • Full Audit Trail capabilities
  • H77″, W37.5″, D18.5″

Item#: AR-EL-10
Price: $19,989.00