Medical Cart Deliveries

Medical Cart Deliveries

Medical Cart Deliveries

At the heart of American River Medical is our customer’s overall “Medical Cart Experience.”  As the saying goes “all finishes well that starts well.”  The cart’s arrival to the healthcare facility can be compared to an employee’s first day on the job.  First impressions are critical in any relationship and to ensure we deliver that exceptional overall cart experience we treat the hospital’s association to the cart as such. We believe the medical cart delivery experience to be a crucial ingredient to our customers’ overall medical cart experience. American River Medical uses internal systems, policies, and protocols to ensure we give ourselves the best opportunity to provide that exceptional, “First Impression”.

Here are some of the tips our team uses to optimize our medical cart delivery medical mobile cart’s first impression.

1. Medical Cart Deliveries Representation

Ask an American River Medical representative what value added services we provide to make your medical cart experience the best it can be.

American River Medical’s service to our customers start long before the order is placed and continue long after. Customers tell us, see our testimonials here, they appreciate our communication letting them know their carts are on the way. Our team advocates being proactive whenever possible.  This is certainly true in the medical cart delivery process. Our Representatives will pro-actively advise you of freight ship date, ETA and any available tracking information. This allows our customers to plan for the cart or truck of carts arrival on the dock within days. By allowing our customers’ to pull that information we empower them to advise staff and plan for the carts’ roll out integration.

American River Medical sales representatives are valuable liaisons of information and communication to you, our customer.


2. Medical Cart Deliveries Damage Control

The second critical component of the medical cart delivery experience is damage control. The best way to control damage is to avoid it all together!  Be sure to work with representatives whose manufactures utilize the best packing methods and materials.

While freight damage is not frequent, it does not discriminate between carriers or cart manufacturers.  Some freight carriers surely have a lower damage claim record than others, but I believe the discrepancies would be minimal if we were privileged to that information.  Today’s cart manufacturers employ superb “packaging methods” but… Freight damage, “It happens.

Cart damage control can best be described as:

    1. Acknowledge Damage
    2. Assess Damage
    3. File Damage Claim
    4. Propose Solution

–       Fix, resolve
–       Replace

    1. Implement Solution

At American River Medical we find this system to be appreciated and valued by both our customer and manufacturers.

The cart Representative should come on-site to perform the above steps.  If they are traveling the customer should take pictures of cart, damage area, and all packaging.  In addition, customers should retain all packaging materials for probable freight company inspection.

When it comes to medical cart freight damage, remember one thing; “Time is the enemy.”  Of both our customer and our manufacturer. The quicker the arrival of step 1, “Acknowledge the Damage,” the more effective our damage control system.  The more effective the damage control system, the more it minimizes the damage incident to our customers’ overall cart experience.


3. Assembly – Medical Cart Deliveries

A nice value added service during the medical cart delivery process is Rep Assembly. Simply request our Representatives’ presence at or near the carts arrival.  Carts are typically shipped assembled, or near assembled, but on occasion there may be some light assembly required. Many facilities and plant operations and maintenance staff are familiar with our carts and accessories and perform the light assembly quickly. Our team has found it best to be on-site and perform the assembly if possible; after assembling a couple directly, staff usually relieve us and complete in a fraction of the time. But, on behalf of our customer we are accountable that the job would be done. Our customer’s know they have an “American River Medical Rep” when they see us on-site at the receiving dock assembling their brand new carts correctly.


4. Medical Cart Deliveries Peace of Mind

The delivery process of the medical cart is the first opportunity to give the customer peace of mind. Being onsite for the medical cart

delivery process assures our customer (buyer/manager/end user/hospital) they purchased the carts from the right company.

They will judge future performance based upon present performance.  Peace of mind  after making any purchase should be acknowledge and valued.  This shows customers with actions that their relationship and business is valued and appreciated.

The medical cart delivery process is the first opportunity for the rep to present themselves, give the customer peace of mind, and perform any light assembly or damage control necessary.  All of these are critical to providing the optimal medical cart experience.

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