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Fluid ULT Wall Mounted Workstation

American River Medical - Intro Video

Fluid ULT Wall Mounted Workstation:  Maximum Stability & Flexibility El Dorado Hills, CA USA – Fluid ULT Wall Mounted Workstation: Maximum stability and flexibility by Capsa Solutions Rubbermaid Healthcare is showcased in video above. This point of care solution can be provided, installed, and integrated by American River Medical. Contact American River Medical here or call…

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Point of Care Refresh with Capsa

American River Medical

Point of Care Refresh with Capsa El Dorado Hills, CA USA – Point of Care Refresh with Capsa Solutions Rubbermaid Healthcare. American River Medical performs “Mobile Computing Fleet Analysis” for hospital information system and nursing informatics teams in hospitals. This provides and indepth report of their existing technology platforms utilized to power their EHR’s. Mobile…

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