Medical Cart Programming – How to Program the Timeout Classification

American River Medical - Intro Video

Medical Cart Programming – American River Medical’s informational video clips by Connor Benander. This video will show you how to program your S&S MedCart’s timeout classification. These informational clips are a programming resource for new and existing S&S MedCart customers. S&S MedCarts offer two different timeout classification settings. The anesthesia setting will allow you to…

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Reducing Costs of Peri-operative Anesthesia Instruments

Riester Reducing cost

Business Challenge Identify and target a high-use high-value instrument Select comparable instrument with > 15% cost savings Reduce dollar cost associated with selected instrument over a six month period Analyze and compare instrument integrity, quality, and durability Solution The hospital selected American River Medical to assist in identifying selected items within the peri-operative department. Together…

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Strategies for Ensuring Integrity for Medical Tissues and Devices

Terso Products

RFID technologies offer near real-time safe and secure item-level visibility Recent advances in medical device technology, surgical procedures and tissue reservation are revolutionizing the health care industry. Most experts agree that we have just scratched the surface of the potential that this new medicine offers. However, this expanded capability requires an equally sophisticated system to…

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