Isolation Cart Excellence

American River Medical

Santa Fe, NM USA – Many  medical cart applications are worthy of showcasing here on the View & Learn page of American River Medical. Sometimes certain projects just stand out – this is such a case. Isolation Cart Excellence. American River Medical was asked to provide isolation solutions for the Emergency Department of this hospital.…

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Q&A Sit Down with Anton/Bauer MPS

Recently Patrick Ney, Vice President of Anton/Bauer’s Mobile Power Systems, sat down for a Q&A session regarding medical carts and their increasingly important power supply solutions. Below is a excerpt of the conversation. To view the entire Sit Down conversation please visit . This will be followed by a in depth article 0n Medical…

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Medical Cart Programming-Cart Audit Trail Review

American River Medical - Intro Video

American River Medical demonstrates how to review the Silent Partner feature on your new or existing S&S MedCart. Silent Partner enables you to review a complete audit trail of your mobile cart solutions by reporting users who accessed the cart, date & time of access, and which exact drawers / bins were accessed.

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Medical Cart Drawers, Bins, and Configurations


Medical cart configurations can be selected prior to ordering from the manufacturer. Sometimes there is a small fee associated with this, but well worth having your equipment and supplies stored optimally. How the actual storage space of the medical cart is configured is usually indicative of the cart names and applications. Workstations  on wheels, computer…

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Medical Cart Name Applications

  Medical Cart Name Applications …are a vernacular of their own. Nobody bat’s an eye amongst nurses, tech’s, sales representatives and health care professionals when someone asks, “Where’s an ‘Isolation cart’?” By using the name “Isolation cart”, they are referring to a specific type of cart, which has a specific cart application. I will discuss…

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Medical Cart Name

Medical Cart seems to be the default name to represent a physical storage space on wheels in a healthcare facility. As with most things today, there are many names and dialects within a hospital to refer to the cart. Here are a few of the most common. 1. medical cart 2. med cart 3. medication…

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