Medical Cart Name Applications

  Medical Cart Name Applications …are a vernacular of their own. Nobody bat’s an eye amongst nurses, tech’s, sales representatives and health care professionals when someone asks, “Where’s an ‘Isolation cart’?” By using the name “Isolation cart”, they are referring to a specific type of cart, which has a specific cart application. I will discuss…

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Medical Cart Name

Medical Cart seems to be the default name to represent a physical storage space on wheels in a healthcare facility. As with most things today, there are many names and dialects within a hospital to refer to the cart. Here are a few of the most common. 1. medical cart 2. med cart 3. medication…

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How to Choose Your Ideal Mobile Cart Solution

How to choose an ideal cart

  Ideal Mobile Cart Selection Process Today’s healthcare market offers more options than ever in the world of mobile solutions, AKA: CARTS! Often healthcare professionals ask us how to choose the ideal mobile cart solution. Here is a simple, intelligent and proven way that will help you determine the best solution for your specific cart application.…

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